Do you ever have that feeling of complete appreciation and awareness of self? The ability to cherish and trust your struggles and love every imperfection of that which is inside and outside of you.

Self-love is what I speak of; many have different interpretations for it. So, today I want share a much better understanding self-love and what it entails. Self-love is not about loving and appreciating your perfections (good looks, good behavior,etc). You really love yourself when you are able to appreciate both the good and ugly side of what makes you, YOU.

Self-love is more about who you are now, who you want to become in the future and how you will help yourself transform into the best version of yourself with the help of your past experiences. (Self-love should never be influenced by an external force) You do not need anyone’s approval or validation except from Yourself .

I therefore encourage You to embrace your unique flaws and work on them because they play a part of what makes or breaks You and Me. We learn and grow from them, and they are just the beginning of OUR GREAT STORY.

So yeah!, work on yourself, your mind, whatever it is, try new stuffs once in a while and live your beautiful life to the fullest. So that on that day, you will not have regrets, only wonderful memories.


PS: please make your life meaningful; Life is never about material things, although it feels so good to be comfortable. Life should be fulfilling, not impressing. Do what makes you happy always, not sometimes. Life is short they say.


2 thoughts on “Self-Love

  1. True statements. I have been feeling unconfident in my ability’s, but having those imperfections easier to learn when you accept that you can’t do everything.


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