THE WAIT IS WORTH IT ( Things you ought to do before & during Courtship)

Pray about it – The sooner you start committing your marriage into his holy hands, the less mistakes you end up making.

Of course, you will make mistakes (they are part of human growth and development) but the mistakes you encounter when you have God in the center, will not break your relationship but will make it more beautiful and serve as a learning tool. Courtship or marriage is a spiritual before physical bond between two individuals and as such needs spiritual preparation first, that is if you are considering a healthy and long-term relationship. If you look into a dictionary you will notice that Courtship is different from Dating. That’s your homework! 😉

06 prayer to god (

So,it’s not too early to start praying about your future, your dream man, woman, etc. Be specific with all the details.. lol, God listens!

Start committing any relationship you might have or want to have into God’s hands and He will guide and link you to someone who is not just a soul mate, but a BFF and success coach for life!



Be Patient -Don’t rush it.

Many people rush into relationships without even getting to truly know each other. It does not matter how long you have known each other. People change, pretend and do all sorts of things in order to get what they want. So you need time (a lot of it) whiles getting to know the one.” Unfortunately, this is the step many people ignore which causes them to make terrible mistakes. If you have a good understanding and perspective of what a relationship echoes and what it entails; waiting a couple of years before committing into one is no big deal, its worth it.

A successful relationship is dependent on the mindset of the two individual. It’s team work, and just think about it. You are potentially going to spend the rest of your life with a total stranger you fall in love with. Ain’t that a little alarming. Take your time pumpkin, no need to be in  hurry.

“Patience is not only about the ability to wait but the ability to have a good attitude while waiting.”


Be Observant and judicious – This is another critical element which if, implemented in the course, or, in the very beginning of a relationship  saves you from making dimwitted mistakes and saves you time as well. Women tend to make this mistake a lot because they are either in a rush to be loved, or perhaps “blinded by love.”

They therefore, do not pay attention or intentionally ignore the red flags (the habits, behavior, etc.) and realize their mistake halfway into the relationship or in some cases at the end of the relationship. This then leads to breakups, divorces, separation and other unpleasant outcomes.

In short, whether you are a man or woman, don’t ignore the “signs.” These signs are revealed to disclose to you that “this man” is no good for you, or “this woman” is no good for you or maybe that you need to carefully assess and ask yourself and your significant other some questions.

Always build your self-worth and know what you want before getting into a relationship. Don’t compromise!, else you will end up hurting yourself. Be selfish about respecting yourself!

NB: If you can change your partner for the better, that is awesome!! but if they do not want your help or you can’t change them. Move on!

Pay ATTENTION and don’t let any of those signs pass you by because the consequence is upsetting.

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~John Mark Green~


There are many vital things to implement and consider in a relationship but these are just a few main ones i think people should look out for. PLEASE leave a comment if you think i left something out and share your thoughts as well.

“Relationships end too soon because people stop putting the same effort to keep you as they did to win you.”

Take your time, good relationships don’t just happen.


3 thoughts on “THE WAIT IS WORTH IT ( Things you ought to do before & during Courtship)

  1. I absolutely love this Whitney. You are a wonderful lady with strong moral grounds and faith. I have abided by the same rules my whole life and it has all been worth it
    – Kirstie


    1. Thank you very much, kirstie. I am glad you liked it and yes the wait is worth it. No need to rush at all, a lot of people make that mistake, my next blog will probably go into depth of “why we should wait.” So watch out! And I must say you are also a very admirable lady.
      God bless you


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